How to Take Great Photos

Capturing the Moment: Tips for Conference Event Photography

Planning a conference or event? Professional photos of your event will give you an excellent way to promote it and have it remembered long after it's over. Below is some advice that will help you get the most out of your conference event photography.

1. Plan Ahead

When it comes to your conference event, your photographer plays a crucial role in capturing all those special moments. But to ensure you get the shots you want, it's important to discuss your expectations with them beforehand. Take some time to hash out what kind of shots you want. Be sure to also agree on a timeline for taking these shots so that they don't miss any important moments. With a little preparation and clear communication, you can help your photographer capture all the special moments of your conference event.

2. Utilise Multiple Angles

When it comes to capturing important events, having multiple photographers on hand is a wise move. The beauty of having different perspectives is that no key moment will be missed — even those happening at the same time in different locations. It also helps you get a variety of shots that can be used in different ways (for example, close-up shots vs wide shots). 

3. Use Quality Equipment

Make sure the photographer has high-quality equipment and software so that the photos come out looking crisp and professional. This will ensure that your images look amazing no matter how they are used. 

4. Get Creative

You should not be afraid to ask the photographer to try something different or unexpected during their shoots, as this can lead to some unique and memorable shots that set your event apart from others. 

5. Use Post-Processing and Editing

After your photos have been taken, make sure they are edited properly before being shared online or used in print materials. A good editor can help add special effects, adjust colours and crop images so they look their best before going live or being printed off for promotional materials. 


Capturing the energy and excitement of a conference can help to promote the event, showcase the attendees and speakers and provide lasting memories for those who were present. Use these tips for conference event photography to make sure every moment is perfectly captured so everyone who attends can remember it fondly for years to come. If you would like to find out more, contact a photography company, such as Vero Photography Perth.